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IMPORTANT NOTE: As new or amended policies, procedures or rules/regulations are adopted by the Board, they are posted on this page until ongoing revisions of the documents they will become a part of are complete. Please be sure to read these in addition to referring to the Quick Links above for Regulations, Bylaws and Covenants. Please be aware that the recorded Bylaws do not reflect all changes to the Bylaws. Consult the AIA office or Board for any subsequent changes that may have been made.

Articles of Incorporation:
-Articles of Incorporation--Arrowhead
-Articles of Incorporation – Arrowhead – 2003 Article of Amendment
Proposed Amended Articles of Incorporation:

The board is considering amending and restating the Articles of Incorporation. The current Articles of Incorporation for the association contain inconsistencies with the bylaws and legal counsel for the association suggested that they be updated. The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) provides in part that, “Any organization created prior to July 1, 1992, may elect to have the common interest community be treated as if it were created after June 30, 1992” by the affirmative vote of the membership. To clearly evidence that the membership has not made such a vote, the proposed amended and restated articles include a statement that “nothing contained in these Articles shall be construed as electing treatment under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) other than as mandated by law for pre-existing communities.” The amending and restating of the Articles of Incorporation will not create a new association with a new creation date.

While the board is not required to post the proposed Articles, since the bylaws state that Articles may be amended by a 75% affirmative vote of the Board of Directors, the board would like to get owner input. Just email Patty Greeves at pattygreevesaia@gmail.com or Becky Stilly at beckystilley.aia@gmail.com with your questions or concerns.

A vote on the proposed Articles will be held at the July Board of Director’s meeting.

Below, click on the two proposed documents to review:

-Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation Additional Provisions - 6-22-17

-Articles of Inc - proposed

Declaration of Protective Covenants:
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Arrowhead (1990 Covenants with 2003 Amendment. Not for Ridges)
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Ridges at Arrowhead (1993)

-Bylaws--Amended August 15, 2015

-2015 Revised Regulations