Governing Documents & Regulations

--Archived 6/12/19--

IMPORTANT NOTE: As new or amended policies, procedures or rules/regulations are adopted by the Board, they are posted on this page until ongoing revisions of the documents they will become a part of are complete. Please be sure to read these in addition to referring to the Quick Links above for Regulations, Bylaws and Covenants. Please be aware that the recorded Bylaws do not reflect all changes to the Bylaws. Consult the AIA office or Board for any subsequent changes that may have been made.

Board Liaisons: 

-Kim Norwood (

-Larry Kontz (

Articles of Incorporation: 

-Articles of Incorporation of the Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – 1974
-Article of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – 2003
-Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of the Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – August 2017

Declaration of Protective Covenants:

-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Arrowhead (1990 Covenants with 2003 Amendment. Not for Ridges)
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Ridges at Arrowhead (1993)


-Bylaws--Amended August 15, 2015


-Revised Proposed Amended and Restated Regulations 5-06-19
-2015 Revised Regulations
-BOD Approved Camping and RV Use Regulation (8-18-18)
-RV Registration Form


The second meeting for owners to comment on the Proposed Amended and Restated Regulations will take place at the Arrowhead Firehouse on Saturday June 1st.The meeting will start at 9:00 AM to discuss Articles 1-17. There will be a break for lunch at Noon. The meeting will resume at 1:00 PM to discuss Articles 18-20. Discussion times may vary depending on owner input.

Based on emailed owner comments, owner meeting participation and continued discussion by the board, there have been significant revisions made to the Proposed Amended and Restated Regulations posted on December 10, 2018. At the request of owners, the entire revised document is in a redline format so the changes can be easily viewed. To view the entire text of the revised proposed regulations, CLICK HERE.

The board encourages owners to take the time to read the entire document and either come to the meeting to share comments or email the board at

A board vote on a final draft of the Proposed Amended and Restated Regulations currently remains on the Agenda for the June 22nd Board Meeting.


Arrowhead Violation Report

Instructions and Submissions Form