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Arrowhead Communications

Purpose: compiles, maintains and administers AIA’s communications media and publications; including, information disseminated via the Association's website (, newsletter (the Smoke Signals) and information booklet (Living in Arrowhead); social media Facebook and Association email blast, etc.


Board Liaison:

Keith Dalton


Communications Coordinator:

Lisa Ditmore

Receive important messages and community updates via email by joining our Arrowhead eBlast List.  CLICK HERE to join. This owner & resident only listing is confidential and a “post only and no reply” email account.


Updates on Facebook: Please visit our AIA Facebook page for immediate information relating to Arrowhead. You do NOT need to be a member of Facebook to read the postings.  We also feed our Facebook platform on the Home page of this website.


Community eNewsletter, the "Smoke Signals," is a bi-monthly online only publication available to anyone who would like to keep up with all things Arrowhead.

The Smoke Signals publication schedule is:

  • February/March

  • April/May

  • June/July

  • August/September

  • October/November

  • December/January

*For those who would like to Advertise in the Smoke Signals, click on the icon for additional information and our online order form:

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Steps to Stay Connected with Arrowhead:

Front Cover-2024 SpringSummer Booklet.jpg

Living at Arrowhead Booklet:
Spring/Summer Edition:

This Spring/Summer publication is designed to give property owners information about the community and nearby amenities. It is designed to be a handy reference. Please note, this publication does NOT take the place of the Arrowhead Covenants, Regulations or any other official AIA governing documents. This April 2024 version supersedes all previous Arrowhead Awareness or Living In Arrowhead booklets.

Be on the lookout for our NEW Winter Living at Arrowhead booklet sometime in August 2024!! 

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Business Directory:

As an added bonus for those who *advertise in our Smoke Signals newsletter, this online directory provides community members a guide to services within the Arrowhead.

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Marketplace & Classifieds: 

The AIA Marketplace and Classified site provides a place for AIA owners & residents (only), to post items for sale, swap and/or barter for services needed. This is NOT a message board for personal opinions or editorials, commercial and branded advertising.

To stay up-to-date with all the events within our Arrowhead community, check out our Arrowhead Community Event Calendar, located on the Home page of this website.

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