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Arrowhead Communications

Purpose: compiles, maintains and administers AIA’s communications media; including, information disseminated via the Association's website (, newsletter (the Smoke Signals), Facebook, email blasts, etc.


Board Liaison:

Keith Dalton


Communications Coordinator:

Lisa Ditmore

Steps to Stay Connected with Arrowhead:

  1. Receive important messages and community updates via email by joining our Arrowhead Blast Email List. CLICK HERE to join. This owner & resident only listing is confidential and a “post only and no reply” email account.

  2. Instant Updates on Facebook: Please visit our AIA Facebook page for any immediate information relating to Arrowhead. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to read the information relating to Arrowhead.

  3. Our Community Newsletter, the "Smoke Signals," is a bi-monthly, online only publication available to anyone who would like to keep up with all things Arrowhead.

The Smoke Signals publication schedule is:

  • February/March

  • April/May

  • June/July

  • August/September

  • October/November

  • December/January

For those who would like to Advertise in the Smoke Signals, click on this icon to our online order form:


4. To stay up-to-date with all the events within our Arrowhead community, check out our Arrowhead Community Event Calendar, located on the Home page of this website.

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