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Community Service Awards

2021 John Krall Award

2021 Spirit of Arrowhead Award

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John Krall Award History

John Krall spent many years helping residents with a plethora of projects, including voluntarily cutting wood and clearing our roadsides.  In 2003 Noreen Horwitz, an Arrowhead resident, thought that he should be honored with a community service award.   A plaque was made and was presented to John Krall at an AIA meeting in 2003.

Former Krall Award Recipients

2020--Jim Gelsomini

2019--Bill Conway

2018--Bill & Joyce Boulter

2017--Mike Wigent

2016--Lindy Linder

2015--John Moseman

2014--Kathy & Don Koeltzow

2013--Al Hale

2012--Kevin Stilley & the Vavriks

2011--Linda Dysart

2010--Lucia Lebon & Bob Rosenbaum

2009--Ron & Diane Benson

2008--Glen and Carolyn Isbell

2007--Don Bumgarner

2006--Don and Elaine LaForge

2005--Billie Ellis

2004--Dee Sedgewick

2003--John Krall

Nomination Form and Information

Please CLICK HERE to complete the 2021 form and nominate a deserving Arrowhead owner and neighbor. Send your completed nomination form or the same information as requested on the form via email to


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