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Arrowhead Design Review

Purpose: Maintain the harmonious design of the community, protect and promote the value of properties in keeping with the Covenants and Design Regulations.

Design Review Manager:

Joanie Thompson



Board Liaison:

-Rachel Grasmick (

For all information, communications and/or to submit plans, please contact Joanie by email at  Please insert "Design Review" in the subject line when emailing Joanie.

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2024 Design Review Meeting Dates

All meetings start at 9am and are at the firehouse, unless the filing roads are not open, then we will meet at Arrowhead Mountain Lodge.

•    March 11th 
•    April 8th

•    May 13th
•    June 10th

•    July 8th
•    August 12th
•    September 9th
•    October 14th 

Design Review Procedures & Documents

to follow the Basic Processes/Steps for Property Improvements.

When you are planning a property improvement, you need to have the Construction Agreement and Plot Plan sent to Joanie Thompson: and the $100 permit fee needs to be sent to the highlighted address on the Construction Agreement.

  • You need to locate your center pin and flag several points on the property boundary.

  • Flag several points on the adjacent properties, as well.

  • Flag any site of improvements -- driveway, shed perimeter, trees you think need removed, etc.

  • Once this is done, a DRC committee member will come and do a site visit.

  • Depending on the project, a Fire Mitigation Plan may be required by Gunnison County. We can help with that if needed. (new 2021).

  • Please refer to this document for many of the different project types done in Arrowhead.

  • Here is the link to the DRC website where you can find the regulations and more information.

  • DRC members are happy to assist you in this process but as the property owner, you are responsible for the accuracy of the center pin. A professional site survey is the best way to be positive of an accurate center pin.

** Utilities** - Many owners have been asking about putting in utilities.  Please note that this MUST be approved by the Design Review Committee.  You are not required to pay for a permit, but we must approve the location of your plans and issue a permit.  Failure to notify the Design Review Committee could result in up to $1000 in fines.

**Shed Regulations**

  • All Sheds MUST be approved by the Arrowhead Design Review Committee.

  • If you have an approved Gunnison Co septic system, you do not need a Gunnison Co building permit as long as your shed is no larger than 200sf.  If the shed is larger than 200sf you are required to apply for a building permit through Gunnison Co.

  • If you do not have an approved Gunnison Co septic system, you are required to get a building permit from Gunnison Co no matter what the size.  

DRC Report
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