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From: Tina Mcfarlin, Assurance HOA Management, L.L.C. 
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2022, 8:24 PM
Subject: AIA - New Management Company Effective March 1, 2022

Date: March 21, 2022

Dear Arrowhead Improvement Association Residents,

Welcome to your NEW Management Company, Assurance HOA Management L.L.C., we would like to be the first to say hello and to introduce you to ourselves and our company! We are the new managing agent for your community effective March 1, 2022. We look forward to getting to know you, the homeowners, and your Board of Directors and are thrilled to have been selected by your Board to provide your community with full management support and service!

“We have done our best to make this transition as smooth as possible for you all. However, during the transition from your previous management company to us, some information may have been lost or sent over incorrectly. To keep and maintain accurate homeowner records to ensure all invoices and communication are possible without delay, please check your information carefully and let us know any changes, additions, corrections, and updates please. We appreciate your patience during this process.” Please complete the Homeowner Information sheet and send it back to us so we have the correct information for you.

Our mission is to connect with and serve homeowners to create great communities. Our #1 goal is to build a strong personal relationship of trust and collaboration with each community we manage; something other community management companies often overlook. This is how we are different, and we hope you notice a difference both in the way your community is cared for, and in the way you feel being a part of it.

As your community management company, you are free to contact us should you have any questions relating to your account, maintenance needs, alterations requests, or have correspondence for the Board of Directors.

Our CEO is Tina McFarlin, CMCA® and our CFO is Barbara Fauscette. We will both be working with you to be assist you in all of your needs and concerns. Our Office Phone Number is 970-787-6060. For your General Questions, you can connect with Tina by calling that number and selecting option #1. For any specific Financial Questions or Concerns, you can call and select option #2 to connect with Barbara. If email is more convenient, you may reach out to Tina for general questions at: You can reach Barbara regarding your accounting needs at

If you would like information about our services in general, please feel free to email us at
Thank you for your attention to these items of business included with this letter and again, we genuinely look forward to working with you and building a strong community you are proud to be part of!

Tina McFarlin, CMCA® & CEO Barbara Fauscette, CFO
Assurance HOA Management L.L.C. Assurance HOA Management L.L.C.

For your Convenience we have attached this letter in a PDF format for downloading along with all the necessary information you may need to access the web portal.

To ensure that you are receiving "important emails and quarterly dues statements,' it is recommended that you check your spam or junk folder on a regular basis.  If you have any questions, please contact Tina or Barb.  

Arrowhead Business Office

Purpose: oversees and performs the office operations which include owner communications, board and committee support, accounting and record keeping.

Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc.

c/o Assurance HOA Management, L.L.C.
2121 Market Street

Montrose, CO 81401

Phone:  (970) 787-6060 


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