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2024 Income Statements

Dollar Bills


-2024 -APPROVED, August 19th, 2023

*As of July 1, 2018, CCIOA changed the requirements and method of approval for the Annual Budget for HOA’s. The Board approves a budget for the Association and the members review it. The members may veto a budget if they do not find it to be acceptable.

Independent Accountants’ Report

*Balance Sheets are no longer being posted here for security reasons. Balance Sheets are available upon request from the AIA Office.

Reserve Study

AIA has prepared a reserve study for purposes of determining whether AIA fund reserves are sufficient for future major expenditures on maintenance, repair or replacement of AIA owned property. The links below contain further information on this topic.

--2024-2044 Reserve Study

--2014-2024 Reserve Study Revised 
--2015-2016 Reserve Study Review
--2014-2015 Reserve Study Funding Plan
--2014 Reserve Study Funding Plan
--2014 Reserve Study Review

Arrowhead Financials

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