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Arrowhead Election Committee

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Purpose: Oversee and conduct elections of Board members or other elections in which property owners vote.


Board Liaison: Keith Dalton (


*Committee Members: Diana Soong, Bridget Isle and Millie Fowler.

Committee Members Email:

According to the AIA Covenants, owners shall be entitled to one vote for each site owned.  When more than one person or entity (Trust, LLC, Partnership or other form of legal entity) owns a site, the owners must designate, in writing, the individual who will exercise their vote.  The designated voter's name must be on file in the AIA office.   Please include the lot, block and filing of the property as well as the designated voter's current address.  If this designation is already on file, and no changes have been made, it is not necessary to resubmit annually.


If you have moved or changed addresses, please make sure the AIA office has a current address on file.

Board of Directors Election Update as of August 24, 2023


Vote to affirm candidates to succeed:


The Arrowhead Improvements Association will not be holding an election to fill Board of Director seats this fall 2023. Three candidates applied to run for two Board seats. However, Candidate Jim Van Kirk withdrew his candidacy at the August 19th meeting.


AIA Bylaws Article 2, 2.5 - Voting Procedures for Site Owners:

D. Regarding uncontested elections for the Board, the candidates may be affirmed to succeed by a majority vote of the Board.


At the Regular Board Meeting on Saturday, November 11, 2023, incumbents Brad Fowler and Bill Brassfield will be submitted as 2023 uncontested candidates to the balance of the Board of Directors for a vote of affirmation. If affirmed by majority vote, they will retain their Board of Director seats for 3-year terms beginning in January 2024. 


The Election Committee: Bridget Isle, Millie Fowler and Diana Soong


If you have any questions, please email the AIA Election Committee at:


The 2023 AIA Election Committee consists of Arrowhead owners Diana Soong, Bridget Isle and Millie Fowler.  Any other owners interested in serving our Arrowhead community as an Election Committee member please contact Election Committee Board Liaison, Keith Dalton: .


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