Owner Information

Important Numbers

  • Emergency Fire and Medical - call 911 (Gunnison)

  • Arrowhead Patrol - call or text (970) 209-6335

  • Arrowhead Firehouse - (970) 862-8330

  • Arrowhead Ranch Water Company – Office 970-249-6197 (Emergency 970-209-2104)

  • Gunnison County Electric Association – 970-641-3520 (including reporting power outages)

  • Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company - 970-864-7335

Steps to Take Before You Alter Your Property

Living in Arrowhead 2020.jpg

All Arrowhead in Gunnison Country owners, their guest and residents are encouraged to read our “Living in Arrowhead” booklet. This booklet is a handy reference guide designed to provide information about the community and nearby amenities. Please note, this booklet does NOT take the place of the Arrowhead Covenants, Regulations or any other official AIA governing documents.

Other Things to Know . . .

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AIA Property Transfer fee

- remember that there is a transfer fee due to AIA at the time of transfer of title to your property.

Business Directory

- Links to area business who advertise on this site. Click Here.


- AIA Calendar. Click Here.


-only in an approved fire pit!!! Contact Arrowhead Patrol for information and required annual inspection. Check Smokey the Bear and other signs for fire ban information and fire potential. Click here for necessary form.

Forest Refuse Site

- Located:  Left side of the Alpine Plateau Rd, 1/4 mile south of Upper Spruce Rd between the cattle guards. Call Arrowhead patrol at (970) 209-6365 for combination and information. 


For more information about using the Forest Refuse Site, Click Here.

Living with Wildlife

- click here for information on living with wildlife at Arrowhead.

Community Newsletter

- "Smoke Signals," is our online publication that is posted bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Click Here.

Offsite Recycling and Landfill

-click here for landfill and recycling options in Montrose and Gunnison counties.


- sign in at one of the Sign In Boxes located at Ute Drive or Lake Road every time you come up in the summer. Let Arrowhead Patrol know if you need them to stop by. This is important for emergencies.

Click here for Arrowhead Patrol.

Social Media

- Find us on Facebook! Click here.

Blast Email

Get important Arrowhead community updates via email. Subscribe to this confidential resident & owner only email listing. CLICK HERE to request to join.



Social Stuff

- Tuesday night Potluck at the Fire House 6:00 PM.

- Thursday night Community Dinner at the Arrowhead Mountain Lodge 6:00PM. Please call for reservations: 862-8206

Trailers for Use

- Dump trailer available. Reserve in advance from Arrowhead Patrol. Pick up and return to winter parking lot. Be sure to plug it back in and lift the bed. 


- Snowmobile trailer available to transport snowmobiles to/from parking lot and home. Reserve in advance from Arrowhead Patrol. 


Click here for Arrowhead Patrol. 



Trash Compactor

- located in the Winter Parking Lot on the East end of the equipment building.

Cost is $10 per month (or any portion thereof). Pay with your AIA dues. Only household trash. Do not leave bags of trash outside compactor. Be sure to fasten both locks due to BEARS!


Vehicle Stickers

- required for cars, trucks, snowmobiles, OTV’s, ATV’s, RV’s, snowmobile trailers, etc. Obtain from Arrowhead Patrol personnel. Click here for the Vehicle Sticker Form.


-vehicle parking passes are needed for all visitors, winter and summer. Contact Arrowhead Patrol personnel to obtain passes.


Click here for Arrowhead Patrol.

Volunteer Release/Waiver

Arrowhead depends on all the wonderful people who volunteer in this community.

Before you volunteer for any activity at Arrowhead, please download the Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form, complete and sign it, and give it to whomever is heading up the activity (who will pass it along to the AIA office).


You need only complete this form once each year. You should keep a copy for yourself in case you need to take it to any other activity. Copies of the form will also be available at the AIA office or from Arrowhead Patrol members.
Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form
Click here for Volunteer Opportunities.

Winter Parking

- diesel parking spaces may be reserved from Arrowhead Patrol on a first come, first serve basis. 20 spaces available for a fee. Box trailer and other trailer parking available for a fee.
- All vehicles in the winter parking lot must have an Arrowhead parking sticker or pass.
Click here for Arrowhead Patrol.

And More . . .

Get to know your neighbors--they are a wealth of information!